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This is just some of the work we have completed

Shaun's Driving School in Andover

Our first customer that we got up and running with their own business was Shaun's Driving School in Andover. Shaun had been a driving instructor in Andover for a few years but didn't have a web presence.

We invited Shaun to come and see us where we sat round the table and discussed his requirements. Shaun is a one-man-band sole trader but wanted something that looked clean and fresh.

We discussed budgets and shown him examples of what we could offer that was within his budget. We also looked at what his competitors had in Andover in terms of online marketing. Once we had analysed everything we needed to give Shaun a competitive edge, we then set out with a few draft versions of his website.

We was very lucky as we had hit Shaun's exact brief first time, so much so that Shaun was ok for us to go live almost immediately with a new website for his driving school, Shaun's Driving School in Andover. Since the launch, Shaun has kept in touch with us and has told us that business is booming and a lot of his leads are coming in off his website.

This was over a year ago now and since then, we have helped Shaun grow and grow, so much now that he's even thinking of taking on anothr instructor.

Visit the site here


DCJ Driver Training - Driving Schools in Rochester

Learning to drive and passing your driving test with DCJ Driver Training can be a walk in the park!
Unlike other driving schools in Rochester, we go several steps further in helping you not just become a safe driver with the ability to pass your driving test but we give you loads of support and information about all aspects of your driving; including both the theory test and the hazard perception test. We know that by giving you this knowledge not only turns you into a good safe and confident driver but even saves you money on your driving lessons.

Your big day - The driving test. Statistically around 50% will fail their driving test first attempt but by choosing right driving instructor, it doesn’t need to be that way… If you invest in approximately 40 to 50 hours of good quality tuition with DCJ Driver Training you will have the best chance possible of passing your driving test first attempt. By taking at least two hour lessons every three to four days will accelerate your learning curve to test standard within six months.. Most driving schools in Rochester just offer hourly lessons, but at DCJ Driver Training we can offer you more lessons per week, this way your learning curve is accelerated. We an even offer you intensive driving courses in Rochester

So, you want driving lessons - Great, but which driving school do you choose and why ? There are so many driving instructors in Rochester to choose from and let’s face it when you look online how can you tell the difference form one instructor to another? We have dedicated a whole page to help you decide and what to look for from, just simply click this link different driving schools.

Our prices for driving lessons are very fair and we like to think we give you structure and give you value for money as well as still being at a very affordable cost to you. You can find out more on about us and our prices by visiting our website here

Superdrive Academy


Superdrive Academy is an upgraded multi-school of Shaun's Driving School. We have completely re-branded and now service a wider market throughout Hampshire and Wiltshire. You can find our website here Superdrive Academy

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