Use our "BUSINESS IN A BOX" solution to recruit ADI's and grow into a multi-car driving school

For just £75 per month

Support Package 3 - £75 per month

Grow your business and start getting ADI's to work for you. Whether you want a few ADI's or a big fleet of ADI's, we can give you a "business in a box" to make this happen.

  • We work for you to make your business successful
  • We help you bring in ADI's even if you don't train them yourself
  • We know how to help you grow and expand your business
  • You get business advice & mentoring from experts
  • You get online targeted marketing campaigns
  • You get a branded website and marketing material to assist you
  • We are the fastest growing ADI support business of our kind

Turn your business into a multi-car driving school

So, you want to grow your own driving school, expand and bring in other ADI’s on a franchise? Brilliant, but first let’s just talk about the good and bad points about doing this.

We want to be completely honest and transparent with you. Brining in other instructors is not for everyone. You may well have a full diary of pupils and you’re turning work away, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be a successful franchisor operating a fleet of cars.

You have to be pro-active and push yourself out there, you have to put the word out on the street that you’re looking for ADI’s. You’ll need a good website, one which can showcase why ADI’s should join you and not your competitor. You’ll probably have to do Facebook marketing campaigns and Google Ad-Word campaigns too.

Growing and expanding your driving school can be a bit of a journey, you’ll have times of frustration, but you’ll also have times of happiness, especially if done successfully.

You’re not alone on this journey, this is where we come in and if you decide to hire our business mentoring services, together it will be a team effort. We want you to be successful and we’ll provide you with all the support and mentoring services you need to make you succeed.

Marketing Support

This is an excellent marketing start-up package

  • A re-designed website to help recruit ADI's
  • A business domain name
  • Unlimited business email addresses
  • Free website hosting
  • Facebook marketing campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Ad Words Assistance
  • Business cards showing your ADI's names and your company
  • Online Marketing analysis

Business Support

Grow your driving school "quickly"

  • Help on recruiting ADI's
  • Grow your business in your town and in other towns
  • Strategies on how to increase your pupil numbers
  • A bespoke franchise agreement for your ADI's
  • An information pack to send out to ADI's
  • All neccessary documentation created for you
  • Business mentoring
  • You're more or less getting a business in a box that works for you
  • Support throughout the whole life of your subscription

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