Our 50th customer - Support & Development for Driving Instructor's

Our 50th customer - Support & Development for Driving Instructor's

5th December 2017

WOW WOW WOW - We are extremely pleased to have set up our 50th driving instructor with their own driving school. When we first setup just over a year and a half ago, we only dreamed of helping and supporting about 10 driving instructors, but to setup 50 driving schools in this short timescale has surpassed our expectations.

Worksop Driving School is our 50th customer and we are extremely proud and privileged to have helped him with the setup of his own business. Not only has Andrew now got a sexy looking car but he can sleep well of a night now knowing that he gets the business support he needs and a development program which is specifically tailored and bespoke to suit him.

Andrew was with one of the big national driving schools and he contacted us just over 3 weeks ago and told us that he wants to leave his franchise and wanted help to go independent. Our first steps was to have a chat with Andrew and try to get to know him as much as we possibly could and what he wanted to achieve. We told him all about our services and the ongoing support we provide and the costs for this (£35 per month). When speaking with Andrew and listening to the concerns he had about being in a franchise with one of the big national schools and how he wanted to earn more money (as we all do) and wanted to go it alone, it was clear that he had the drive and the ambition and what was absolutely clear was that he wanted to be in control of his own destiny.

Another one of Andrew's concerns was that he wasn't too sure from a business point-of-view if he could make it work by going independent and he was slightly worried on how to get customers when starting from scratch. So, we went away and came up with a 3 year roadmap for Andrew whereby we drew up a business and support plan for him. In a nutshell, this mainly highlighted the following things for him:

  • How to market yourself
  • How to get sales leads and convert these into paying customers
  • How to keep a high retention rate of customers
  • How to improve your services year on year
  • How to maximise your prices and make a good profit
  • Continued Professional Development training which includes Standards Check training too.

We then presented the business plan to Andrew and once he'd had time to review the plan he subscribed to our services instantly. Anyway, fast forwarding four weeks, Andrew now has a marketing strategy in place. He has his car, roof top box, business cards, a diary management system in place and a great looking website WORKSOP DRIVING SCHOOL

Although Andrew is not officially starting his own business until Monday, he already has a full diary of pupils and he is so pumped up and motivated. We spoke with Andrew today to wish him luck and to make sure he has everything he needs for his launch. Just listening to the tone in Andrew's voice we could tell that he is so happy that he's got his own driving school and is going to earn a lot more money. We worked out that by Andrew leaving his franchise, he's going to be saving £2,960 pounds a year. Plus, he can now give himself a well deserved pay rise by simply putting his prices up by £2.00. This means within one year Andrew would have made an approximate profit in his first year of £5,720. That's an extra £5,720 extra for just doing what he was doing anyway. Plus, he's now the proud owner of his own business. The business plan for year 2 looks even better.

Andrew still can't believe that by him investing just £35 per month in himself, he gets a whole new lifestyle and his own business coupled with his own sales and marketing manager, business support and development manager and a training manager all on tap should he need any of them.

As this year is drawing to a close, we know that next year is going to be a good one for all of our customers. Get Your Own Driving School is probably the fastest growing business of its kind and we are dedicated in supporting driving instructors to succeed in business. We are also experts in helping driving schools to develop and branch out into different towns and cities. We already have a good customer base whereby we have helped one single driving instructor develop their own brand and has now taken on 10 instructors across the country.

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