How to get your driving school on the first page of Google

How to get your driving school on the first page of Google

3rd December 2017

How to get on the first page of Google

So, how do people get onto the first page of Google. Well in this Blog I’m going to tell you exactly how. First, I just want to get a few things straight and this is important, especially if you’re going to pay and trust someone like a marketer or an agency to build you a website and they’ve guaranteed you first page of Google.

Marketeer’s who claim that they can get you on the first page of Google within a couple weeks will probably use what’s called Black Hat techniques. Such techniques are frowned upon by Google. Not all marketing people do the tactics that I’m just about to reveal to you but the ones who charge you more than £1,000 and a promise of the first page probably do – It’s very easy money for them and they could probably get you onto the first page of Google within a few weeks and not months.

You may or may not have heard the word SEO – SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. Without going too in-depth for you, things such as building backlinks to your website, writing good rich and relevant content, ensuring the correct Meta tags such as Title and Alt tags are used and a whole host of other stuff is commonly known as SEO. Basically, it gives Google what it wants to see so it can easily index the relevant parts of your website. After all, Google is just basically a directory, so it likes things properly indexed – just like a library (if you can find one of those these days).

The two main things Google loves is backlinks and rich relevant content. If you have a website with neither of these, then you probably won’t rank well in Google.

Now, proper SEO can take months and months and on an average, with good proper SEO and lots of good quality link building, it can take a website approximately 4 – 8 months to get a good first page listing on Google. There are lots of other variables too such as the quality of your backlinks. It’s no good linking to an online directory if that directory doesn’t have much Google juice in the first place. You want good quality backlinks with what’s called a High Domain Authority and also a High Page Authority, these are the best backlinks you can get – So for example, the BBC website would have an enormously high Domain Authority so getting a backlink form these guys would definitely bump up your page to the top of Google. I will talk about how to get good quality backlinks in a separate Blog.

Unfortunately, in this world there are marketing people/companies who are just out to get your money, and lots of it too so there will always be under-hand tactics and some cloak and dagger stuff going on. We’ve all heard the used car salesman stories. Don’t get me wrong, not every used car salesman would sell their granny, some are great and very trustworthy but the same goes when it comes to people building you a website with the promise of getting you on to the first page of Google. They probably can, but it’s whether they are using genuine skilled work and hard labour to do it or whether they’re using cloak and dagger tactics? Why does it matter I hear you say? Well, bear with me and I will tell you why.

There’s what’s called White Hat and Black Hat marketing. White Hat is good and organic, Black Hat generally violates Googles rules and policies. Now, if Google knows that your website has been built with Black Hat techniques then it will probably disavow your website altogether and if this happens, then the penalty from Google is so great that you’d probably never see your website again or domain name and it’s gone for ever. Well, that’s not quite true, it can be brought back but it takes a lot of hard work just to try to unlink your website from any Black Hat techniques previously used by whoever originally built your website. I’ve had to work on some driving instructor’s websites that have been penalised by Google and it’s taken me a long time to bring them back out of the bowels of Google.

Now listen carefully because I’m going to tell you how marketing people charge you shed loads of money for very little work and I’m going to tell you their secrets.

So, you get someone to build your website from a marketing agency and they promise you the first page on Google. You agree to pay them in excess of £1000 and you wait with baited breath to see your new website and it is sitting pretty on the first page. Here’s come their secret. They use what’s called a PBN (Private Blog Network).

A PBN is a network of websites that all link to your website but without you even knowing. The trick here is that the marketing guy will already have about 5 or 6 previously bought domain names and turned these into Blogs and will put a Blog post on each of the sites they own and put a backlink pointing to your website.

The diagram below shows what this looks like, the diagram showing the money site is your website.

PBN 1 to 5 are other people’s old websites or Blogs that have expired.

As mentioned earlier, Google ranks on High Domain Authority (DA) and High Page Authority (PA). So, marketeer’s have used a service something like, companies like these sell expired domains. So for example, there might have been a website years ago something like and it had good backlinks from the actual company Nike. But now that company has gone bust or run down but the domain name has been sold on and bought my marketing companies. So what happens now is that your marketing and web guy has bought this domain name and wrote a blog post on it with a backlink to your driving school website. They then repeat this four or five times and hey presto. For the simple act of writing a couple of paragraphs on an old website and putting a link back to you they have now got you on page one of Google.

They then build you a website from a very tired and very over-used template, this same template has probably been used for another hundred customers before you. Then, they’ll send you an invoice for £2000 perhaps.

Very little work for lots of money – You probably already get lots of emails and phone calls already from people saying that they can get you on the first page of Google. Please, please, please don’t let them anywhere near your driving school as there is a very high risk that in a year’s time everything will go belly-up with your website and they’ve already had your money. Here’s why I wouldn’t let them build you a website.

Firstly, the cost. I have designed proper bespoke websites for companies such as Channel 4, Everton FC, MTV Federation of Small Business and lots of other companies and these sort of websites start off at £2000. But, if someone only builds you a static website and it’s from a template then this is way too much money. I could knock a website out from a template in a couple of hours.

Secondly, if you are promised the first page of Google then you should immediately be wary of this, especially if they say they can get you there with a month.

Lastly, Google algorithms are constantly looking for websites that are linked to websites that are part of a Private Blog Network. Google know about these PBN’s and the marketeer’s try to keep their PBN’s under the radar of Google, but Google will find out and when it does, that’s it, your website is gone forever, and you’ll probably have to contact someone like me to sort out the problem.

If you’re worried about your website or want any questions answered about online marketing, then please feel free to contact me.

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