20 Tips on How to Get Your Driving School more Likes

20 Tips on How to Get Your Driving School more Likes

10th February 2018

How to get your driving school more “Likes” on Facebook - With Facebook, there will always be two sides, the critics and those who use the opportunity of using it as a business marketing tool. Personally, we try to grab the opportunity with both hands and try to use it for promoting our own ADI Support and Development business (and my own driving school too).

In this document, I’ve attempted to create a list on “how to get more likes” for your driving school. This document is not about how to create a Facebook Ad campaign, I will write a “How To” on this later. Having a business like yours is not the easiest thing to market on social media. It’s not as if you’re selling a whole host of different products such as jeans, jumpers, jewellery etc. Therefore, your chances of getting the same returning customer is very slim. We are all in fact selling primarily just one product which is “driving lessons” and probably at the same price as your nearest competitor too.

Therefore, you’ve got to try to entice people to buy your product and not theirs by selling before they do and if social media can give you the edge, then why not embrace it?

Anyway, cutting to the chase, in this document I’m attempting to help you to grow your audience by using Facebook so here’s my top tips on how to do this. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or just want a chat about social media marketing and I’ll help you where I can. You can contact me through my Facebook page Get Your Own Driving School or through my Facebook group “The Driving Instructors Surgery”.

Note: Your #1 goal when posting to your Facebook page should be catching the attention of potential customers & getting them to engage with your posts. If you fail at this, you'll probably fail at running your page.

  1. Ok, so I’m assuming you’ve already set up your Facebook business page. One of your first steps is to create a profile picture and timeline picture. This sounds common sense, but make sure any images you use represent your business.

  2. As a starting point, ensure that you’ve completed all the information Facebook asks of you. For example, company profile, website details, opening hours and the About section. Nobody likes a half filled in Bio.

  3. Make sure the Message feature on your page is turned on so people can easily contact you.

  4. You can start generating likes by asking family and friends. Ask them to like your page and even ask them to share your page onto their timeline and ask them to put a simple message on their timeline when they share your post such as “Hey, please go to this page and give it a “Like” and also a “share” please.

  5. Probably best not to ask other ADI’s to like your page as this could have a negative effect on your Facebook new feed. Facebook likes feeds that are active so if you ask 20 ADI’s to like your page then this will NOT help you to get more exposure. DON'T do it

  6. Facebook groups are one of the best ways to get exposure. The key is to pick the right ones and do them right. Make a point to become an active member of a few groups that are related to your industry. Share valuable content, engage with other users, and position yourself as an industry expert. This will help you attract some leads and hopefully convert them into customers.

  7. Keep your posts short - probably a maximum of 100 characters and don't be afraid to use humour, people like a personal voice rather than being talked too or at. Your content needs to be a combination of the following too, high quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting and remarkable.

  8. Time it right - generally posting between any of these times are best 7am – 9am, 12.30pm – 2pm, 5pm - 7pm and finally between 10pm and 11pm. People will generally check their phone first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, on the way home from work and in late evenings.

  9. Be relevant – don’t go posting about the changes to the driving test if they happened two years ago. Try to ensure your content can create an emotional response, joy, anticipation, admiration etc.

  10. Use eye catching images – as well as keeping your posts as brief as possible, use good stand out images where you can and good quality ones too. An image says a thousand words, or so they say. Also, don't be afraid to use a video to engage with your audience.

  11. Run a promotion or competition – as an example you could give away a £25 Amazon electronic gift voucher or iTunes voucher etc. Use your common sense here on what you could afford to give away. What you’re doing here is investing £25 into your own business. By spending £25 you’re effectively gaining a new pupil who will in turn give you approximately £900. Such a small investment for a big return. If you wanted too, you could run the same competition or promotion twice a year or maybe seasonal such as Valentines, Easter, St George’s Day, Bonfire, Halloween or Christmas. Once you have posted your promotion, you simply ask people two things. 1 is to like your page and 2 to share your post. You then pick a winner at random 2 weeks later and announce the winner on the post. By this stage, you should have picked up a fair few number of likes and shares and the beauty of this is that you now have a ready made audience who you could sell to later on.


  12. Publish your competition/promotion to other groups too like a local buy and sell group etc.

  13. Engage with your audience, for example you could create a poll asking something like “how many driving lessons does it take to pass your test”? etc.

  14. People love a freebie, so you could offer a freebie like a FREE driving lesson or a FREE paid Theory or Practical test, again using the same engaging methods I’ve mentioned above.


    (Image courtesy of Ellison's School of Motoring)

  15. Offer value in your posts - Before you share something or ask people to share something on Facebook, ask yourself if you think your Fans will find value in the content. If they don't find any value in it, they probably won't share it.

  16. Don’t be afraid to be educational - People love to share “how-to guides” and “tips” but make sure they’re easy to read and follow. Perhaps make a list on a relevant subject such as the “Top 10 ways to ???” or “How to pass your Theory Test first time”. Just use your imagination here.

  17. Use images to show off your product(s) such as your car, teaching & learning apps and aids etc but if you’re going to do this then you must have a good-looking photo. Basically, you’re showing what they’ll be using, what they’ll be getting and don’t be afraid to write a description or something factual about them, such as…. 8 out of 10 people have passed their driving test in a Mini compared to a Fiesta or 8 out of 10 people using my Theory Test Pro have passed first time (these are just examples).

  18. Get your pupils to “Like” and “Share” your page and also target past pupils, for example, put a post on your page to let them know that they can get a £20 referral fee it they recommend a friend or family member. Basically, connecting and engaging with your current and past customers.

  19. Engage with your audience and ask your fans questions from time to time.

  20. Talk about trending topics and slip your "services" in somewhere at the same time. This can be particularly useful if you are talking about topics on other groups in your area.

  21. Ok, I did say Top 20 things but I couldn't leave this one out. So, finally, experiment and practise. Not every bit of content is going to be massively popular, but maybe 1/5 or 1/10 bits of content might just gain some traction online. Over time it will become second nature and become easier to figure out what will work and what won't for your audience.

I hope some of the information above is useful to you and please give this article a "Like" and also possibly a "Share" too. As business development and social media experts for ADI's, we are here to help you in every aspect of running a driving school and developing your business. Just simply get in touch if you have any questions or need any advice.

Best regards
Shaun Harrington-Lunt
Founder of the Facebook group - The Driving Instructors Surgery